The thing that’s important to know is that you never know. You’re always sort of feeling your way. – Diane Arbus


Instinctive Collective Perception is Vital




I use:
The body
And conversation


As tools to fight a lethargy in artistic reaction – from both artists and audience.


Through multi-disciplinary action I explore the inherent human instinct for social association and seek to find our interconnected stories.


Communication is my intention.
Collaboration is the medium through which I endeavor to build.
Connection is what I seek.


Providing platforms for lateral thought processing - engagement should be the pinnacle of the experience that impresses upon those who work beside me, walk beside me, talk beside me.


Linger at the border of your memory
I want to hear your story.


Lets find a moment of stillness in your mind
And walk a causeway through.



I want to make you                                                  move.


I want to be the trigger.


Connection is Vital
Engagement is Vital


No It To Be Defined
Nothing Can Be Refined


My maxim constantly bleeds its edges.